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The 7 Wonders Museum
 is part of the NWCN

The NWCN Associates
| 7 Wonders Museum of Mt. St. Helens |
| Bible & Science Ministries |
| Chris Ashcraft |
Creation Association of Puget Sound |
Creation Education Ministries |
 | Creation Evangelism |
 | CreationWiki Encyclopedia |
 | Design Science Association |
| Fossils and Floods: Facts and Fables |
Monarch Creation Ministry |
 | Reasons for Faith Ministries |
Seattle Creation Conference |

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Pro Creation Organizations and Ministries

bullet7 Wonders Museumof Mt. St. Helens
bullet Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies Coupeville, WA (temp on Whidbey Island)
bulletBible & Science Ministries Tacoma Washington
bulletCenter for Origins Research and Education (CORE) Portland, OR
bulletCompass.org - Pointing to Christ Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
bulletCounterbalance Foundation Seattle, WA
bullet Creation Association of Puget Sound Seattle, WA
bullet Creation Compass Newberg, OR
bullet Creation Education Ministries
bullet Creation Encounter Creation Fieldtrips on Oregon and Washington
bullet Creation Engineering Concepts Gresham, Oregon
bulletCreation Instructional Association Plentywood, Montana
bulletCreation Outreach Spokane, WA
bulletCreation Science Association of British Columbia Vancouver
bullet Creation Science Ministries of Oregon Portland, OR
bullet Creation Science Network Woodland, WA
bulletDavid and Goliath Ministries Kennewick, WA
bulletDesign Science Association Portland Oregon
bulletDiscovery Institute Seattle WA - Intelligent design organization
bulletFossils and Floods: Facts and Fables University Place, WA
bulletFoundations in Genesis Idaho - Oregon
bulletIntelligent Design and Evolution Awareness Clubs
bullet IDEA Club - Seattle Central Community College
bulletIDEA Club University of Victoria, BC
bulletMolecular History Research Center Walla Walla, WA
bullet Monarch Creation Ministry
bulletNorthwest Creation Network - Northwest Regional
bullet Northwest Treasures geology curriculum and fieldtrips. Bothell, WA
bullet Project von Bora searching for Noah's ark in Turkey, and headquartered in Puyallup, WA
bullet Reasons for Faith Ministries Eagle Point, OR
bullet Reasons to Believe - Portland Chapter
bullet Reasons To Believe - Seattle Chapter
bullet Reasons to Believe - Spokane Chapter
bulletReturn to God Carnation, WA
bulletWatchman on the Wall Richland, WA

Northwest Creation Science Event Announcements

bullet Creation Association of Puget Sound Monthly meetings in Bellevue
bullet Design Science Association Newsletter Portland Oregon event announcements
bullet Foundations in Genesis Idaho and Oregon Meetings Foundations in Genesis Idaho - Oregon
bullet North Sound Creation Friends
bullet Northwest Creation Conference - Annual Conference in Portland
bullet Northwest Creation Network - Events Listing
bullet NWCreationNews - Email Newsletter by the Northwest Creation Network
bullet Seattle Creation Conference Regular conference in Seattle metro

Additional Northwest Creation Science Resources

bullet 7 Wonders of Mount St. Helens - Creation Information Center, Museum, and Bookstore in Silverlake, WA
bulletMount Saint Helens - Information and links
bulletThe Channeled Scablands - Information and links

Northwest Region Creation Science Speakers

bullet Lloyd Anderson - Email Silverlake, Washington
bullet Chris Ashcraft - Email Lynnwood, Washington
bulletMatt Bain - Email Oregon
bullet Bruce Barton - Email Auburn, Washington
bullet John Byl - Email British Columbia
bullet Edward Crawford - Email Puyallup, WA
bullet Dennis Marcellino - Email Gladstone, OR
bullet Donald Chittick - Email Newberg, Oregon
bullet Mark Finkbeiner - Email Tri-cities, Washington
bullet Thomas Kindell - Email Eagle Point, Oregon
bullet Robert Knopf - Email Woodland, Washington
bullet Tom Hoyle - Email Tacoma, Washington
bullet Heinz Lycklama - Email Arlington, Washington
bullet J.D. Mitchell - Email Gresham, Oregon
bullet Michael Oard - Email Bozeman, Montana
bullet George Pearce - Email British Columbia
bullet Spike Psarris - Email Gig Harbor, Washington
bulletJohn Shipman - Email Washington
bullet Keith Swenson - Email Portland, Oregon
bullet Rick Thompson - Email Portland, Oregon (Ventriloquism programs for children)
bullet Steve Wolfe - Email Salem, Oregon

Anti-Creation Organizations or Activists in the Northwest

bulletAmerican Civil Liberties Union of Washington - Opponent of Teaching Creation Science in Public Schools
bullet Creationism in Washington State News, Players, and Activities related to Science Education
bulletSeattle Skeptics; The Society for Sensible Explanations
bulletSkepticRadio.com Internet Radio on the Supernatural & Paranormal
bullet The Burlington-Edison Committee on Science Education


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7 Wonders Museum of Mount St. Helens
4749 Spirit Lake Highway
Silverlake, WA. 98645